In pursuance of the DGTO Act and Rules -2013, the membership of Trade Organisation is mandatory for the trading and industrial business units i.e. Corporate Companies “ Private Limited and Listed Companies”, Business Firms, Partnership Firms, and Sole Proprietors. The submission of Membership Requirements is mandatory for all aspirants.

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UNSC Senctions Sing -Up for SROs and Updates

UNSC Sanctions Sing-Up for SROs and Updates

Understanding form Members under UNSC -Click here at Busienss Letterhead with stamp

The membership renewal is mandatory for all members, according to the Trade Organisation Rules -2013 it must be renewed before or till 31st March of each year.

Trade Documents:

Certificate of Origion for Export
Certificate of Origin for Export

Certificate of Origin  A Certificate of Origin is a document that certifies the origin of goods being exported and can be issued by a Chamber of Commerce.  It is required by customs in the buyer’s country to determine tariff rates and prove the origin of the goods.

Certificate of Origin -COO document format approved fee is Rs. 5000.00/- per document, attestation of all trade documents with the COO is free.

Commercial Documents Attestation
Commercial Documents Attestation

The attestation of Trade Documents fee is Rs. 500/-per document/page.

Issuance of Visa Recommendation Letter
Issuance of Visa Recommendation Letter

Policy Guideline for Processing e –Bill Visa Recommendation / Invitation Letters from Swabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry 

Visa Request Letter -Click here  fee is Rs. 5000.00/- per document,

Bank Account Details for Facilitation

Bank Al Habib Gadoon Chowk Topi Branch 

Account Title Swabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Account No: 2019 -0981- 003134 -01- 5

NADRA e -Bil Invitation Letter
NADRA e -Bil Invitation Letter

Visa Invitation Letters Through NADRA e- Bills Online System -Click here

Registration at Trade Portal:

The Membership of Swabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry is mandatory to register at Pakistan National Tarde Portal.  As Buyers and Sellers, through this registration, Business Enterprises can avail the of trading opportunities globally.