Economic Profiling

Location: Swabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Executive Summary:

The Swabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s role is to represent and promote trade, commerce, industrialization, and economic activities in district swabi. This is about finding out the real the Economic Potential of this district.

It is our prime priority to deploy the best possible resources to represent the district’s potential in the interest business community. The Project i.e. Economic Profiling of District Swabi is to create a smart economic system to adopt advanced technological and scientific innovations in commercialization and industrial manufacturing to create more placements for the skilled persons and to deploy them in the established structured enterprise system for the growth and promotion of national exports, Economy and GDP.

The Economic profiling is based on Surveys, visits, Social Engagement, and Geo Tagging of SMEs, Busienss Enterprises, and Manufacturing Industries.

As businessmen advocacy, trade, commerce, and industrialization representative forum Industrial Development and Economic Transformation are the priorities. The Primary objective is to promote economic activities. Commercial transformation and Industrial infrastructure development is our strength.

We are focused on industrial research to facilitate industrial enterprises for innovation and value addition to their manufacturing, and supporting them to get excellence. Swabi Chamber’s priority is to promote the export culture and to develop a smart society and ecosystem.

District Profile:

Nature blessed the district of Swabi with pivotal geographical locations, fertile land, mineral resources, colorful traditions, and culture. Swabi is amongst the populated economic hubs of Khyber Pakhtunkwa.

District Swabi’s total area is 149,536 hectares. As per the statistics the land cover of district Swabi is as follows;

  • Forest                          3,224ha           2.2%
  • Shrubs and Bushes      25,574ha         17.1%
  • Rangelands                 1,764ha           1.2%
  • Agricultural Land        99,599ha         66.6%
  • Barren Land                1,798ha           1.2%
  • Fruit Orchards             292ha              0.2%
  • Settlements                 8,435ha           5.6%
  • Water Bodies              8,850ha           5.9%

The Pivotal Educational Institutions are Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Science and Technology –GIKI, University of Swabi, Women’s University of Swabi, Gajju Khan Medical College, Government Technical & Vocational Institutions Shahmansoor and Gadoon Amazai Industrial Estate.

Administratively district Swabi is divided into 4 tehsils i.e. Swabi Khas, Razzar, Chota Lahore, and Topi.

Economic Geo-Tagged Map and Profile of District Swab:

Economic Profile August 2022

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