Common Business Faciliation Center -CBFC

Location:        Gadoon Amazai Industrial Estate, District Swabi.

Status:            –           Approved by the Executive Committee in the meeting held on 13th October 2022.


The Project is about establishing the Common Business Facilitation Center -CBFC at Gadoon Amazai Industrial Estate, district of Swabi. The facilitation center, managed by the Swabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will act as a one-window facility for the development requirements of Cottage industries, Small and Medium enterprises. The Center will provide laboratory analysis and testing facilities to industries, Technical and Non –Technical information, products, and services related to marketing, technology, and support in access to finance, regulatory compliance, business registration, corporatization, taxation, and capacity building support and services to the manufacturing industries and potential entrepreneurs.

The aim of the project is to provide ease of doing business and to facilitate the industries with a wide range of technical and non–technical services to prove the one–window solution of issues and to help them with promotion opportunities to enhance their capabilities and credibility for exports. This will help them to adopt innovative developments and to achieve sustainability.

Project Objectives:

The details of the objectives of the Common Business Facilitation Center are as follows:

1.         To provide mandatory industrial laboratory testing and examination facilitations to the industries and enterprises i.e. Steel & Re-Rolling Mills, Textile Spinning & Weaving, Plastic and Pipe, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Line Products, Chemicals Products, Plastic Mats, PP Bags Manufacturers, and Packaging Industries mainly operating in Gadoon Amazai Industrial Estate, district Swabi.

2.         To provide support services to Small and Medium Enterprises on their need bases. This will include organizational profiling for developing linkages with large manufacturing units to give them the opportunities of business and process outsourcers and to assist them in their marketing and supply chain operations.

3.         To help the manufacturing industrial units and trading enterprises in the identification of resources, to improve their capacity and credibility in national and international markets, and to provide them the business network development opportunities. This will help them to achieve sustainability in operations.

4.         Ease of doing business will be possible through structured networking with regional trade bodies i.e. Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Trade Associations, Trade Promotional Forums, Business Development Think-tank and Policymaking bodies to improve the working relationships and to understand the grassroots requirements leading to effective advocacy, development, and measurable service delivery.

5.         Financial Institutions could have the opportunity of networking with credible business enterprises and avail the opportunity to offer their products for SME Financing and lending support.

6.         SMEs and Manufacturing Enterprises of limited capacity can avail the opportunities, to develop their investment proposal, and the supporting departments can supervise them with advocacy instructions.

7.         Public sector and Policymaking institutions will have the opportunity to use this facility for data collection, information sharing, and pre-policy development and post-policy implementation to provide advocacy and awareness to the business community regarding the new developments and initiatives.

8.         Common Facilitation point to provide awareness, and information regarding corporatization, taxation, and other regulatory procedures and compliance requirements to different segments of Small and Medium Enterprises.

9.         Provide the facilitation and a range of services to Young and Emerging Entrepreneurs, for the development of their startups and promote them to be a vital part of this economy.

10.       Facilitation counters space for the public sector institution, particularly attached trade departments/ institutions i.e. SMEDA, NBDP, TDAP, Export Development Fund – EDF, KP-BOIT, KPBTE, KPITB, EoBI, ESSI, WAPDA, SNGPL, Provincial Department of Industries and Commerce, KP -TEVTA, NEVTEC, NPO -Pakistan & APO -Japan, ILO -Pakistan, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industries and Production, Ministry of Commerce, FBR, Pakistan Customs, SECP, Department of Joint Stock Companies Peshawar, Environmental Department, KPRA, Labor Department, Mining and Mineral Department and Tourism Department, and SBP, etc for Financial and Trade Advisory Facilitation.

This facilitation will improve the efficiency of public sector departments and trade promotion institutions. The Regulatory compliance of statutory reporting to the public sector departments like submission of contributions of EoBI, ESSI, Income, General Sales Tax, and others will improve efficiency.

Benefits To SMEs / Outcomes:

The details of the benefits/incentives of the Common Business Facilitation Center are as follows:

  1. Ease in Doing Busienss will enable the business community to save their administrative financial costs and help them to improve their productivity.
  • The Services of CBFC will provide assistance to the business community at their doorsteps and enable them to complete the mandatory requirements for the trade. This will improve their efficiency and capable them to export their products to the international market.  
  • Development is possible through credible data sharing. SMEs verified through geo-tagging and identified service requirements through structured instruments.
  • Identification, capacity building, and networking of business development service providers to facilitate the delivery of demand-based services in a sustainable manner.
  • Delivery of need-based training and awareness programs.
  • Identification of region-specific investment opportunities and Over Counter (OTC) product development.
  • The Business Community mutual facilitation is possible with the establishment of Clusters for sector-specific industries.
  • Facilitation of SMEs by the counterpart organizations for corporatization, capacity building, technology, intellectual property, and taxation-related matters.
  • Database development of 1,000 SMEs, with profiles and identified Business Development Specialists’ -BDS requirements.
  1. Establishment of Service Providers Networks & having membership of 40 individuals/firms.
  1. Conduct demand-based training programs for SMEs and manufacturing enterprises.
  1. Identify the region’s specific investment opportunities and OTC products developed.

Financial Cost:                                                            PKR 100 million. 

Swabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry floated the initiative of the Common Business Facilitation Center -CBFC for discussion and to get the initial content from CEO KPEZDMC Javaid Khattak at an official visit to the Gadoon Amazai Economic Zone, district Swabi in October 2022.
01st Meeting of Executive Committee of Swabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry held on 13th October, 2022